The movement of the spirit

When hope is lost, when meaning is lost, there is one final resort: we surrender to the force that is behind everything. Behind our life, behind everything that happens in the world. And we find peace in surrendering ourselves to that force.

If we can embody this deepest form of surrender, to life, to reality, and to what is behind reality, then the client might be able to do so too. This force is the force of life. Just that, nothing more.

This surrender is an inner step, an inner movement from one realm to another. Our relation with reality changes. We accept that things are as they are. Bert Hellinger calls this inner movement: the movement of the spirit.

If we can make this movement, many of our issues fall away. They are just no issues any more. If we find a way to carry this inner state over to the client, their issues may fall away too.

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