Moving out of your comfort zone

If you engage in life situations, where you have no idea what to do, where you have no certainty that you can complete in a good way what you have started, where things could go wrong, then something special happens:

  1. you become alert
  2. you get an unusual clarity of mind
  3. your perception opens and you see what is otherwise hidden
  4. you become more alive
  5. you learn fast and acquire new skills
  6. afterwards you feel renewed

This is what is meant by moving out of your comfort zone. When you do that, you come in contact with the newness of every moment, with the uniqueness of every person and every family. And you become a much more effective facilitator.

In the Advanced training you will learn certain things that you can do to enter this state of consciousness and to deepen it. 

In this state you learn and acquire new skills faster then in your usual state of consciousness. Therefore it will also help you to continue your own path of discovery and learning after the Advanced Training and to find your own style of working with family constellations that brings out your talents and possibilities.

Moving out of your comfort zone also intensifies your field of consciousness. As a result, resolutions will be more clearly brought out, representatives will sense the field of the family (member) more intensely. The client will be deeper moved.

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Comfort Zone